Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ticket process work?

Everyone (adults and children) needs to be registered to attend a session of Alpine Village.  When you register online, you will receive an email confirmation.  There are no physical tickets to print.  When you enter the building, you will check in at the registration desk.  After you check in, each child will receive a ticket that allows them to go through all the shoppes. 

Are strollers allowed in the Village?

No, strollers are not allowed in the Village. Each session, we have hundreds of children visiting the Village.  A large percentage of those are preschoolers.  During certain times, the Village can get crowded – just with people walking.  Adding a large number of strollers would make moving throughout the Village impossible.  We do understand that carrying an infant or toddler can be tiring.  There are benches located in the Village if you need to take a brief rest.  If you have a special needs child that requires a stroller, please send us an email, and we will have a stroller pass reserved for you when you check in.

How long does it take to “do” Alpine Village?

Each session lasts 2 ½ hours.  Some people see everything they want to see in an hour – some people stay the entire session.  During each session, we have 3 showings of the puppet show, which last about 15-20 minutes.  There are many photo opportunities – especially in the North Pole.  During peak times, there can be lines at both the shoppes and at the North Pole.  Please be assured that we have been doing this many years, and we try each year to make modifications to keep your wait time as low as possible, as well as monitoring the lines during the Village to make adjustments as needed.  A couple of hints to keep in mind are that the Village Shoppe area as well as the North Pole tend to be the least crowded during the puppet shows, and the last 30 minutes of the session.  They tend to be the most crowded just as the session begins, and directly following a puppet show.

Do I have to arrive at the start of the session?

No.  You may arrive at any time during the 2 ½ hour time frame. The doors to the Village will open promptly at start time, although you may check-in and wait in the lobby up to 30 minutes prior.  All activities are open throughout the entire session.

What times are the shows and special music performances?

Times for the Fingers of God Puppet Team shows, Trinity Brass performances, and the blowing of the Alpine Horns will be posted on the website about a week before the start of the Village.  Information about performance times will also be available when you arrive.

If sessions are full, is there a waitlist?

There is no waitlist for additional reservations.  While we would love to accommodate everyone who wants to visit Alpine Village, we simply do not have that ability.  If anyone cancels their reservation, that space will become available for online sign-up.

Why does Trinity do Alpine Village?

In one word – Jesus.  Alpine Village is a gift from our church to our community in celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We do this in hopes that our visitors will see Jesus through us.