The Shoppes

Candy Shoppe – Reach in the baskets and choose several of your favorite candies to take home or have a sweet treat as you stroll through the Village.

Toy Shoppe – Pick up your hammer as our “elves” help you make wooden top that really spins!

Book Shoppe – Browse the shelves and choose a book to take home and enjoy.

Card Shoppe – Choose stamps and stickers to decorate a card for someone special!

Bell Shoppe – Create a bracelet that will jingle all the way through the Village.

Photo Shoppe – Bring your camera and let our helpers capture your Alpine moments.

Ornament Shoppe – Decorate a present with sequins to hang on your tree.

Cookie Shoppe – Sugar cookie, icing, and plenty of sprinkles…yum!!!

Reindeer Food Shoppe – Scoop it up and take home a bag of food to leave out for Santa’s special transportation team.